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Construction Sector and Role of Hot Rolled Steel Bars
October 29, 2021
stainless steel coil suppliers

A steel coil is a finished steel product that’s manufactured by stainless steel coil suppliers out of slabs. Slabs are semi-finished steel materials structured from ingots. Manufacturing steel coils out of slabs is doable in different ways including

  • Cold rolling,
  • Hot rolling,
  • Electrolytic tinplate (EPT)
Stainless steel coil suppliers

Once all of the major manufacturing processes are completed, the resulting rolled material can be used in a variety of industries for assembly or further fabrication.

As mentioned, steel coil manufacturing encompasses slab sourcing and then placing them into a continuous rolling machine that suppresses its thickness. The result you get is high-grade, ductile, durable, and high-strength steel sheets that are wounded into coils. Keep reading to learn more about its uses.


Pipe manufacturing is the most common use of steel coils. Pipes like ERW (Electronic Resistance Welding) begin with an uncoiled metal sheet that passes through a continuous rolling machine. The goal of this method is to fuse joints of the rolling process via ERW without using any welding filler compound.

A pipe-making alternative technique is the use of spiral pipes. However, it still starts with a metal sheet that manufacturers wound at an angle. This will enable the weld to run around the external surface of the pipe to form a helix-like structure with the joints; all welded together.

Structural Steel Members

In high tolerances applications, steel coils are preferred. This is because of the ductility, high weld-ability, and machinability of the steel sheets; in unwound condition. Using any form of press breaks, metal fabrication machine, or stamping machine, steel coils can be transformed into extraordinary structural steel members, such as H-beams, I-beams, wide flange beams, angle bars, and more.

Structural steel members are found in almost every type of building. For example, they provide framework support for a structure’s walls or enclosures.

Steel beams are robust enough to support multiple building materials. They can be joined using different kinds of steel connections or couplings. These beams can be found in a building’s ceiling structure.

Electronic Equipment

Steel contains a high melting point. It makes sheet metals suitable for use in electronic goods. Some examples of electronic equipment can be mobile phone cases, CPU housings, iron cores, heat sinks, circuit boards, and the like. These components need electrical energy to function and they might end up producing high heat levels, which can impact other parts.

Fortunately, the high melting point of steel coils enables all these components to work together without high temperatures anger that can destroy the parts.

Steel coils are also a good option because they are simple to fashion and require little maintenance. Because of the properties of steel, any electronic device you have at home is a cost-effective purchase.

Ending Note

As discussed, steel coils are usable in the following: steel beams, pipe-making, automotive components, and electronic devices. Although it seems simple for stainless steel coil suppliers to manufacture steels; however, it has been necessary for delivering different components and finished goods to be used in various ways.

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