Product Description

Hot Dip Galvanized Flat Steels – HDG
They are flat steels that are galvanized by continuous hot dipping method. Zinc / galvanized coating is applied to the surfaces of flat steel materials to protect them from corrosion. Flat steel is heated and enters the molten zinc pot and bonds to the zinc / galvanized surface by forming a chemical bond. Galvanized coating provides corrosion resistance and cathodic protection to steel.

Thickness: 0,25 - 4,00 mm
Width: 400 - 1.550 mm
Coating Thickness (two surfaces total ): 50-600 gr/m2
Cold Forming Steels
(DX51D + Z, DX52D + Z, DX53D + Z, DX54D + Z, DX56D + Z, DX57D + Z)
Dual Phase Steels
(DP450, DP500, DP600, DP800)
High Strength Low Alloy Steels
(H260LAD, H300LAD, H340LAD, H380LAD, H420LAD)
Kiln Hardened Steels
(HX180BD, HX220BD, HX260BD, HX300BD)
High Strength Refosforized Steels
(HX180YD, HX220YD, HX260YD, HX300YD)
Unalloyed Structural Steels
(S220 GD + Z, S250 GD + Z, S280 GD + Z,S320 GD + Z, S350 GD + Z, S390 GD + Z, S420GD + Z,S450GD + Z, S550GD + Z, S550 GD)
Item Shape: Roll, Slitted Roll, Sheet