Best Stainless Steel Coil Suppliers

INNOTECH is one of China’s leading stainless steel coil suppliers and produces top-quality stainless steel coil. We offer one of the most comprehensive selections of surface finishes, grades, and forms of the precision strip.
Stainless steel coil material is extensively used in industries where consistent quality and precise tolerances are vital. Stainless Steel coil is used in various applications including heating elements, heat exchangers, filtration devices, flexible tubing, cutlery products, springs, and surgical instruments.
We can offer specifications to match your needs including safe edges for handling lightweight coils for lifting. We can also even supply a range of paint finishes like blue banding.
We have been among active Chinese stainless steel coil suppliers. We are experts in the manufacturing, processing, and supplying of metals to varying industries for over 10 years. As a leading stainless steel coil manufacturer and an innovative manufacturer as well, our vast range of aluminum products is distributed to over 50 companies. We ensure to hold stock to fulfill bulk orders in minimal lead times, catering to the demands of our valued customers.

Leading Stainless Steel Coil Suppliers

We supply aluminum products that support a wide and diverse assortment of industries including automotive, oil & gas, chemical, and construction. We constantly look to be innovative with our wide range of suppliers to offer solutions that are unique in their design as well as affordable in their price. We feel proud to closely work with the industry to continually improve our aluminum products and related services. As a result, we have quality products ready to be patented and designed to save you money and time.
As one of the trusted stainless steel coil suppliers, our steel coils are inspected rigorously to ensure they are within our customer's specifi­cations. We work with labs for specialized chemical analysis.

Product Description

Stainless Steel, the material of the modern world, has an unlimited range of applications with unique chracteristics unmatched by other materials. These unrivalled characteristics – attractive, hygienic, durable, corrosion resistance, low maintenance, recyclability – make it an invaluable material for a wide variety of products that play an essential role in everyday life. From industrial equipment to household appliances, stainless steel is amazingly versatile material.



AISI  201/202

Restaurant equipment, Cooking utensils, Sinks, Automotive trim, Architectural applications such as  windows and doors, Railway cars, Trailers and Hose clamps


Water tank of heater, Chemical tank


Structural material, Street light, Potable water pipe

309S / 310S

Exhaust manifold, Heat exchanger, Incinerator, Furnace, Contact conponents with high temperature


Tube and pipe for gas petroleum products, Desalination facilities,water reservoir and water cleaning  facilities, Pressure vessels, tank, pipe and heater exchanger to produce or transport chemical products,  Pressure vessels, tank, pipe for containing salty liquid and food industry, Duct of desulfurization facilities


Water pipe, Seawater facilities, Chemical facilities, Equipment for manufacturing paper, dye and fertilizer,  Photo industry, Food processing industry, Structure in the coastal area, Nuclear fuel reprocessing facilities


Knife blade, Machinery parts, Tableware cutlery (Spoon, fork, knife etc.)


Products requiring abrasion resistance and good weldability: reefer container, automotive, mining &  industrial machinery components

Products requiring formability and oxidation resistance at the temperature lower than 820˚C: Boiler  combustion chamber, burner components area, Nuclear fuel reprocessing facilities

420N1 / 420J2

Highly-quality table knives requiring corrosion and abrasion resistance, Machinery parts requiring abrasion resistance


Auto exhaust system: Heat resisting parts such as exhaust manifold, front pipe


Potable water tank, hot water system (solar/electric), heat exchanger, auto exhaust  manifold


Elevator, interior and exterior materials for architecture, BBQ grill, household utensils, electronic components


Roof and exterioer building materials in coastal andindustrial areas