The Process of Making of Hot Roll Steel and Its Uses

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The Process of Making of Hot Roll Steel and Its Uses

The most basic carbon steel product the mill produces is hot rolled steel. Hot rolled flat steel bars are used to manufacture products in which the finishing of the surface is not important. These may include truck frames, automotive, agriculture equipment, water heaters, and many more. Here, have a look at how hot rolled steel is created.

How Hot Roll Steel is created:

The Process of Heating:

With the heating slabs of steel, the process in which a hot roll is produced starts. They mostly heat up to 2300 ℉. The properties of steel are directly affected by the amount of heat. If the heating temperature is not high enough, it will cause defects in the materials. This thing happens when the carbides and nitrates are not fully dissolved.

When hot material is transferred from the furnace, it reacts with the oxygen in the air. This reaction will form a peeling surface or a mill scale of iron oxides. The material is sent through a mill-scale cleanse to remove iron oxides.

Rolling Stands and Mills:

The material that is cleansed is passed through a rolling mill and is rolled from a thickness of almost 9 inches to one inch. A series of almost four to five stands is required that will decrease the thickness and increase the length by horizontal rolls. To control the width of the material, it is also squeezed vertically.

At this stage, the ends of materials are cut to create a transfer bar. To reduce the thickness to a specific sheet size, the transfer bar is sent through another series of stands.

The Stage of Cooling:

Flat-rolled steel is carried across a runout table using rolling sprays. To create the required features of the coiled end product, the cooling rate may be changed for each strip. The material is entered into the coilers once it is cooled. Once the material is coiled, it is ready to be delivered to the service centers for processing.

These can also be delivered to the assembler. The hot-rolled product can also have additional processes, including cold rolling, oiling and pickle, and other coatings.

Where is Hot Rolled Steel used?

It is very fascinating to learn about where hot rolled steel bars are used as they are used in some of the most interesting applications.

Sculptures of Art:

One of the most popular types of steel is hot rolled dry for art sculptures. It is commonly used because of its unique finish.

Automotive and Truck Frames:

Hot rolled steel is also used in automobile seat frames and truck frames. Before the metal is used to allow for painting or help prevent rusting, the metal goes through the processes of pickle and oiling.

The pickle and oiling surface removes the black oxide scale. After this, an improved surface finish is applied. This has a smooth and even finish.

Agriculture Equipment:

With its high strength level and formability, hot rolled steel is widely used in agriculture equipment. Tractors, harvesters, and other farm machinery need the strength that is offered by hot rolled steel.

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